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Often times I happen upon an article or two online that deserves more than a 10 second look, and I vow I’ll read it later. Now comes the hard part: how to organize and remember those articles so I can actually read them later? I used to cut and paste the article URLs and send them to myself an email, which cluttered up my inbox even more. Then I found which solves this problem simply and elegantly.

With Instapaper, you sign up for a free account which provides a “read later” button that you place on your browser. Then you simply click the “read later” button when you’re looking at an article you want to recall, and instantly, that link is saved to your personal Instapaper account.

You then log-on to Instapaper at your convenience and read the article later. All your saved articles are in one place, organized in date order for easy reference. There are other features that allow you to share articles you “like” on other accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote.

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