5 Ways To Revitalize Your Fundraising Efforts

It is a good time to rethink fundraising efforts, especially as a non-profit arts organization that relies on philanthropic contributions. You shouldn’t have to wait for a year-end giving or capital campaign to finally revitalize the way you are engaging with current and future donors. That said, if you haven’t revised your fundraising initiatives lately, it may be a challenge to start generating new ideas. Maybe you’re still using the same email template from 2010, or haven’t updated your appeal letters to reflect how your organization has grown over the past few years. Luckily, our team is here to help!

With these helpful tips from our experts, you will be able to come up with a fresh approach to your donor campaigns!

Create a Targeted Email Campaign
You’ll make a better impression when soliciting new donations by acknowledging your patron’s past contributions. With customer relationship management systems like ours, you can segment lists and create emails with targeted language, like asking for a specified amount over a previous donation, or directing messages to potential new donors highlighting the benefits of making charitable contributions.

Take Your Silent Auction Online
If you don’t have the capability to hold an annual fundraising gala, consider holding a silent auction online instead. This format will make it easier for your donors to see and bid on the items they want, while you generate new donors by letting anyone in the world join in on the process! Bidding online will also help you collect potential donors contact information so you can target them in future email fundraising campaigns.

Hold a Virtual Event
With a comprehensive offering like Patron Technology’s virtual events solution, it’s never been easier to bring your programming online. From holding digital play readings on Zoom to offering living room concerts and artist talkbacks on a custom live stream platform, you can use virtual events as a way to raise money and awareness for your arts organizations, with the added benefit of potentially reaching an even wider global audience than you ever could have before.

Start a Social Media Push
If your organization isn’t already, you should start regularly engaging your donor base through social media. You don’t need a big following to make a big impact! With customer relationship management technology, make a list of your top donors and be sure to follow them directly on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Create a hashtag competition to build dialogue with your audience or hold monthly giveaways to encourage new followers. These campaigns can amplify your fundraising goals by allowing you to meet and interact with potential new donors, letting them know what your organization is about in an interactive way.

All You Have to Do Is Ask
According to Art House Convergence Director Russ Collins, the number one reason people become donors is because someone asked them to give. Lean on your creativity and passion for the arts to solicit donations persistently, pleasantly, and (combined with robust customer relationship management technology) systemically.

Interested in learning more? Find out how our system makes it convenient for arts organizations like yours to achieve their fundraising goals!

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