Fifth Wall Fridays: What's Playing Now?

Starting today, twice a month I’ll offer expansions on the themes and topics that Michelle Paul and I wrote about in our book Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century. You can buy the book, or get a digital version here.

What’s Playing Now?

Section III of the book is all about your website, the public face of your organization online. If you’re presenting any kind of live events, the information about the very next performance should be clear and easy to find towards the top of your website, and it should be completely up to date.

If you’ve got multiple performances or events going on, list them in chronological order or at least make sure there’s some internal logic so that viewers don’t have to hunt for the information they need. While it’s okay to have a link to “learn more” about an event, the basic information about what and when it is taking place– and how to buy a ticket – should be visible without making anyone click their mouse.

And take down old events immediately after they happen! If your site is built on a kind CMS (content management system), you can program it to automatically change what’s posted – but if not, make sure someone’s on hand to change it as soon as the curtain goes up.

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