Facebook Your Organization

Perhaps partly as a result of the launch of our Facebook application for the New York community, i'll go!, more and more of our clients have been asking us for advice on what they should do on Facebook. They want a basic understanding of some of the complexities of Facebook, or to know if they should they have a Facebook page, and how to get started.

We're beginning our response to these questions with a series of newsletter articles written by Michelle Paul, who is our product manager for i'll go! If you're struggling to understand how Facebook can work for your organization, I would like to recommend the article. Though it is not technical, it will give you an overview of what your options are and how to begin, and next month she's going to write a follow-up article with even more details.

Needless to say, here at Patron Technology we're fans of Facebook — and I expect we'll be doing a lot more with it in the coming years. It's becoming more and more popular with older audiences right now, and that's good news for arts marketers.

Here's the article, titled "Fans are Better Than Friends: Your Organization's Presence on Facebook." 

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