E-mail for President

I’m sure this will be the first of 18 months worth of posts about the e-mail activities of the various presidential candidates.

Here’s my first theory — the leading candidates have web folks who are totally and completely focused on results – and therefore many sites are strategically excellent.

Witness the following sites where the e-mail sign-up couldnt’ be any more visible IMHO:

John Edwards for President

Barak Obama for President

curiously, Hillary’s web site was nearly this good about a week ago,  but it’s way overcrowded all of a sudden. Who could possibly know what to look at first on this site?

Hillary Clinton for President

This is my opening salvo on this topic… stay tuned for more. Methinks we’re all going to witness a lot of innovative e-marketing from this campaign cycle.

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One response to “E-mail for President

  1. It looks like John Edwards site is a landing page directing you to his main site OR to sign up for his campaign. Interesting: You have only two choices (well, 3 if you factor in closing the window). His main page is actually just as crowded (if not more) than Hillary’s. But you’re right, it’s hard to figure out what to do on Hillary’s site. Barak’s is the picture of simplicity. He’s the winner so far in my view!

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