Change Said Another Way

I've been following Seth Godin's blog for some time, and below I've chopped up and remixed some choice quotes from one of his recent entries. These mirror comments I made in my own blog post last week.

In Seth's view: 

What's actually happening is this: we're realizing that the industrial revolution is fading. 

Some people insist that if we focus on "business fundamentals" and get "back to basics," all will return.  

It takes a long time for a generation to come around to significant revolutionary change. The newspaper business, the steel business, law firms, the car business, the record business, even computers… one by one, our industries are being turned upside down, and so quickly that it requires us to change faster than we'd like.

It's unpleasant, it's not fair, but it's all we've got. The sooner we realize that the world has changed, the sooner we can accept it and make something of what we've got. Whining isn't a scalable solution.

All of this ties into Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century, a book that Michelle Paul and I wrote and published a few weeks ago. Our stepping-off point is that because the world has changed, the field of arts marketing must fundamentally change as well.

More on this later this week. 

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