You Don’t Have To Be A Techie To Choose Great Technology

I was meeting with an organization last week that is about to embark upon choosing new technology. I emphasized to them that at least one person on their selection committee ought to have a deep technology background.  

I’ve often struggled with how to communicate the importance of this and I just stumbled upon a perfect analogy. Recently some friends of mine purchased a home. They found a “dream-house” with the right number of rooms, a great view, and a perfect kitchen with the right stove. But when it came time to buy, they brought in an expert who pointed out all the things they didn’t see – such as gutters that were rotting, a chimney that needed repairs inside, and a radon leak in the basement. They were so focused on the “features” that they ignored the infrastructure.

The same thing holds true with choosing technology. It’s a significant decision and notwithstanding the confidence you have in what features you want, you are ultimately buying a technology system, and you need a technical expert to advise you. You should find someone who knows their way around cloud technology vs. client server, as well as proficiency in understanding PCI compliance, data security, system redundancy, and hardware infrastructure.  

Some months ago, we published a whitepaper that helps managers think through the process of choosing new technology. It’s not about selecting PatronManager specifically, it’s about the selection process in general. Click here to download.

In sum, if you’re thinking of selecting new technology, you don’t need to be a techie, but you ought to listen to one!

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