Why the Cloud Is More Secure

Last week, in talking with a potential customer, I spent a lot of time talking about data security. Specifically I was getting at the now accepted belief that having your data hosted on premises, or in a server that you manage remotely, is a lot more risky than entrusting your data to a cloud provider.

This blog post from Tech Crunch, an industry technology site, lays out in relatively clear layman’s terms why data hosting in the cloud is a much more secure option than doing it yourself.

The simple truth is that we’ve witnessed some colossally large data breaches in the last year or two, and conventional wisdom suggests that these kinds of attacks will increase rather than decrease. That means that anyone that’s managing their own data security infrastructure is going to be under more and more pressure over the next few years.

If data security hasn’t been something that’s on your mind, this article might be a good place for you to start.

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