Loyalty Primer - What Really Matters is Loyalty

If you haven’t read the analysis of the work that’s been done in Philadelphia around audience development and loyalty, this blog post is essential reading. Wrapped up in one media analysis of one arts community are truths that spread across the entire arts landscape. And central to the message is that the most engaged and loyal patrons at your organization (or in your community) provided disproportional amount of the revenue your organization requires to survive, if not thrive. According to the study and Philadelphia, referring to “advocates” as the most engaged patrons:

In the Philadelphia community, Advocates represented 0.3% of all patrons who participated in the arts, but provided 39% of the total revenue. These 3,418 households play a major role in sustaining the arts sector in Philadelphia.

Yes, you read that right. In the entire city of Philadelphia fewer than 4,000 households support the entire arts community. Is that the same in your city?

Think of this article as a crash course in audience development in 2015.

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