Want More Donors? Focus on Data Analysis

This week DMNews.com published an article that focused on a recent study that looks at an aspect fundraising that many people don’t pay much attention to. According to the article:

Abila’s “Donor Engagement Study—Aligning Nonprofit Strategy with Donor Preferences” report looks at how donors actually engage with organizations versus how nonprofits think donors engage with them. It also compares the attitudes, values, and practices of donors and the nonprofit community to ascertain where they align and where differences and gaps emerge.

The article summarizes the key findings and among them are that most fundraisers aren’t aware of the optimal frequency to reach donors. Another aspect is that, age plays a big role in how people donate, and often development strategies don’t segment donor asks based on age.

The article ends on an optimistic note, but cautions that most fundraisers are missing some important opportunities by ignoring a few critical data points.

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