There Really Is an App For That

Today’s guest blog post is written by Aaron Schwartzbord, Marketing Manager, Patron Technology.

There is a major shift in how we operate as marketers, and how businesses operate as a whole. You may remember that Apple ran an ad campaign a few years ago focused around the phrase “There’s an App for that.” Well, that idea is more true today than ever, not only for consumers but also for business. New software and programs are not expensive, and no longer standalone beasts. There’s now an App for nearly anything (and many are low cost and or free).

Therefore, we no longer live in a world of siloed software where you have your word processing program, and your web browser, and your financial software. We now live in a world where our technology is integrated and it’s all about connecting all the programs and services in our lives together.

And though you may not realize it, you don’t have to have a smartphone to utilize them. There are thousands of Apps for your computer, for your web browser, and yes, even for your CRM system (our technology partner Salesforce has the AppExchange which today has over 2,000 different apps). We provide a curated list of about 67 for our clients.  

So, as marketers and fundraisers do you think about how Apps can make your life better, more efficient, and smarter? What would you like your technology to do for you?  

I’d love to hear what your favorite work Apps are. They can be for PatronManager, your phone or tablet, web browser (like Chrome), or anything you can think of. Please comment below.

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