The Short Distance Between
Frustration and Elation

Last week we hosted our annual PatronManager Community Meeting for our clients here in New York City. I noticed over the three days of the conference there was a gradual increase in the overall energy and enthusiasm level as people learned more and more about what PatronManager could do for them. I watched as things that held people back in the past melted away once they heard testimonials and tips from their fellow users.  

My observation is that the distance between frustration and elation with software is sometimes only a button click. Something that perhaps has seemed impossible, becomes really simple by a whisper in the ear, or a trick or a technique that you never thought of. Suddenly the impossible or unimaginable is not only real but easy.

That’s the thing about technology tools that is fundamentally different than say, fixing a car or a dishwasher. If a machine isn’t working as expected, it’s often significant enough that you cannot fix it on your own. You’d need electrical skills or power tools. But with technology many times it’s simply knowing something about how the system works or a technique you haven’t tried before that can get you from point A to point B.  

There were lots of “oohs and ahs” – people learning how to use the system they have, and figuring out how to take their skills one step further and do more with it. With technology, often all it takes is a little learning and guidance. Thus, the first step towards elation is learning, and that’s what made last week so genuinely rewarding for everyone.

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