Road Test Your Words with Wordifier

Which words are nonprofits using more than others? Fascinating question, and I can’t even begin to tell you how fascinating Wordifier is when you start playing around with it. You can learn more about it from this blog on the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

In short, this is a project developed by Community Attributes Inc. Its database represents an analysis of over 2,500 non-profit organizations and the words they use on their websites. The site tells you how many times a particular word is used by other non-profits. And not only that, it divides it up based on the type of non-profit that use it. They give you some quick results which are really fascinating.

I searched on the word patron and 36% of arts organizations use that word frequently, compared to 9% for educational non-profits. The word donor shows up at 40% for health non-profits but only 9% for arts organizations. Here’s one that worries me: the word goals. That term shows up only 6.4% in the arts, the lowest usage across any sector of non-profits. What does that say about how we communicate?

Try it here for yourself, but don’t expect to be productive for the next 15 minutes!

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