Streaming Makes Pie Bigger

Broadway Producer Ken Davenport, in a very enjoyable blog post about Taylor Swift, reminds all of us of one simple truth: Live events simply cannot be replicated. Watching something streamed on a tablet, a computer, a flatscreen tv, or a mobile phone is still an event that happens without a venue and without the experience of being part of a live audience.

So why are people afraid of streaming—and in fact, why aren’t more organizations embracing it more quickly? I hear the naysayers suggesting that the unions won’t let us, but it’s our job to creatively get around that. I’m not saying to do anything illegal, but rather something creative. If you can’t stream your musical, stream an interview with the lead. If you can’t stream the symphony, I’ll bet you can stream a string quartet from the orchestra before the concert. Start streaming—it’s where the world is going. As Ken Davenport says:

So, rejoice and be glad! Because when you think (or blog) about it, we, in the theater, are the lucky ones. As more music and movies can be downloaded and streamed and seen through osmosis, the live event becomes more rare, more special and worth more money.

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