Starting ’18 with the Best of ’17

In 2017 we published 92 blog posts, and as we start the new year I thought it may be informative to look at the posts that got the most page views as a reflection of what interests you most, and as a way of highlighting for all readers which ones had the most relevance to the field.  

As you review these results, you’ll see that there’s a bias around business and marketing fundamentals. As any music teacher or sports coach will attest, paying attention to the fundamentals is about as important as anything else, and it is often the reason teams achieve great results.

Here, in rank order, are our top five posts of 2017:

  1. How Important Is Customer Data? The Case of Amazon vs. Ticketmaster: This post focuses on the increasing importance of customer data, as played out in an epic tug-of-war between Amazon and Ticketmaster.  
  2. Top 10 Data Points Arts & Culture Organizations Should Know, Part I: This first of a set of three posts talks about the high-level data points that arts organizations should be measuring, and suggests ways you could use this data to produce more successful marketing and fundraising campaigns.
  3. The Importance of Gender Inclusivity in Your Database: Discussions about gender in our society played out in the media last year in a significant way, and this post brings that discussion directly into your arts organization in both a conceptual and a highly pragmatic manner.  
  4. The Most Important Marketing Questions Your Organization Should Be Asking – Part II: We all know that great solutions come from the quality of the questions you’re asking. This post looks at marketing questions relating to retaining first-time ticket buyers.  
  5. Personalizing the Renewal Call: The subscription renewal call is often generic and boring. How many scripted calls have you received? This post provides a more personalized approach to subscription renewals, making your subscribers feel that you really know them.  

I want to thank you for being a loyal reader of this blog, and I hope that by reviewing these top five posts you’re refreshed and motivated to do even better in 2018!

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