Smart Facebook Advertising Strategies

Facebook has turned into one of the most cost effective and highly targeted digital marketing opportunities around. If you’re not spending money (or time) learning what you can do on Facebook, then 2016 would be a good time to start. For instance this article, which appears on the blog, suggests four really great strategies for using Facebook ads:

  • Grow your email subscribers list — everyone needs to grow their list and if you can convert someone from looking at an ad on Faceook into a subscriber, you then control the marketing dialogue.
  • Reengage your unengaged subscribers. I’m sure you know who your lapsed subscribers are – why not target them with ads on Facebook to get them to come back?
  • Use all of the content you have in limited space. Teaser ads work well – we do this all the time.
  • Test creative to find out what works best for your audience.

I encourage you to read this very informative article to get all the details.

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