Saving the "Old" with New Technology

An article in Wired titled “Podcasts Are Saving NPR” caught my attention recently and, after reading it, it’s interesting food-for-thought. Many organizations are struggling to make their art form relevant to younger audiences. What NPR has shown is summarized in the article this way:

“We don’t have to change the essence of who we are to get a younger audience. We just need to tell great stories,” Mohn told the AP.

As you ponder how to engage with a younger audience, I am a supporter of doing what you’ve always done, but deliver it differently.

Then I happened upon this article, “How the Detroit Symphony Live Streamed It’s Way To Success,” about how the Detroit Symphony’s streaming 24 of its concerts this season. According to the article, since the recent strike ended and the beginning of the streaming project, attendance has risen from 50% to 90%. They didn’t change anything about the music, they just made it differently accessible.

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