Prepping for End-Of-Year Giving

Is it really time to start thinking about your annual appeal? Here’s the challenge, few people donate because the words “annual appeal” show up in their mailbox or inbox, as this excellent post from Kivi’s Nonprofit Communication Blog points out. Rather, they give based on emotions. Kivi says “They give because you gave them the feels – fear, compassion, pride, outrage, solidarity – you made them care!”

Unfortunately, you can’t make your patrons start caring on December 15th. You’ll need to start a communications program now that feeds them information gradually about why your organization deserves their support at the end of the year. Only then will your the annual appeal “ask” be as effective as it can be.

I realize the first day of November may not be the time that you thought you’d be strategizing about your year-end fundraising, but Kivi suggests now’s the time.

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