Pinterest Interest?

According to the stats, it’s no surprise that I’m not remotely involved with Pinterest. Only 13% of adult men do. However, Pinterest matters if you care about the fact that 42% of adult women are involved with the platform, and that translates into a reach of nearly 50 million people. This blog post, from DMR, offers up some pretty important stats.

Rather than giving you my own take on Pinterest, I encourage you to read this post “Eight Ways To Increase Your Exposure on Pinterest,” from Simply Measured, that outlines some best practices. Interestingly, they are nearly identical to those for any social media property. The ones that jump out to me are

5. Ditch the Salesy Schtick
8. As Always, Create Good Content

If you’re not on Pinterest now, here’s a quick onramp to get you thinking about it.

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