Peach: Hot or Not?

Today’s blog post is written by Natalie Sullivan, Marketing Assistant, Patron Technology.

Last week I wrote a post about knowing when to break up with a social media account. In the post, I suggested that you explore newer social networks to see if they are a good fit for you. I recently stumbled upon this article on Hootsuite’s blog, discussing one of these newer apps called Peach.

Peach describes itself as a “place for friends,” combining certain components of Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Foursquare, and many more. I’ve had only a bit of experience downloading and messing around with the app as research for this post, but what I did find is that it is essentially a chronological mini-blog of your day consisting of a string of updates. The biggest downside to Peach as a new user is that you can’t see strangers’ updates, so you have be friends with other users on the app in order to really have a feed and be noticed in other’s feeds.

I hadn’t really heard much about Peach until I read this article, which goes to show that the world of apps and social networks is constantly (and quickly) changing. Who knows, Peach might be the next big thing, and you could be the first art organization to really utilize it before it gets big. I suggest you read the article and explore the functionalities to see if it piques your interest. And if you like it, please chime in below!

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