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To Our PatronManager Clients:

It is with enormous sadness that we let you know that last week we lost a staff member, Claire Randall, our extremely talented Education Manager. The manner of her death was so unspeakably horrible that even after a few days many of us are unable to process how such a fine young woman could meet such a violent end. I know I speak for everyone that works here, as well as clients that worked with her when I say that this loss leaves a gaping hole in our community that will take a very long time to heal. We have learned that there will be a memorial service for Claire in the spring and we intend to honor her in that event as well in other ways we’re still imagining. We thank those of you that have already contacted us with your words of support, which we have passed on to her family.

Eugene Carr, CEO

Michelle Paul, our VP of Product, worked with Claire very closely. The best way we can help share our sentiments with all of you is to share some of her words:

Claire was brilliant, talented, passionate, and caring. She was very close with her brother and sister despite living in different cities — she always made time to go visit both of them as often as she could. She had been staying in Maine for the last few weeks so she could help her mom and spend some time with her brother; she was planning to return to Brooklyn this past weekend.

I’ve worked with Claire for more than 4 years at Patron Technology — she was our Education and Training Manager, which means that EVERYONE knew her, both within the company and across our whole client base. She was responsible for training every new employee we hired in the past couple of years; she ran the education department, in charge of developing all educational materials about our product; and she also created and led our certification course for clients (who are arts administrators from theatres, symphonies, dance companies, etc… all sorts of cultural organizations around the country).

Claire brought incredible focus and enthusiasm to her work, and she embodied the spirit of our company — she was a talented and successful musician, creating and performing work with multiple bands and groups, while also being fully devoted to her job and committed to helping our clients be successful.

I wanted to share part of an email from one client that worked with Claire, as a way of demonstrating even in this tiny way how much good she brought to the world — here’s the closing: “I just wanted you to know that the energy and passion you poured into the [certification] class made a major impact on me, and – by extension – on my organization.”

Claire had a great sense of humor, and we all agree that she had the best fashion sense of anyone we know. The best was when those two things combined — a co-worker remembered that she once made herself a shirt out of a bacon-patterned fabric, and she somehow pulled it off and wore it without looking ridiculous. In the last couple of years, her hair was variously pink, blue, and lavender, and that too somehow seemed totally natural and completely professional. Multiple people have told me that Claire was unquestionably the coolest person they ever met.

Claire touched so many people’s lives, and had so much more to give to the world — it’s unthinkable that she’s gone.  

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  1. Claire inspired all of us to do and be better. I’m so grateful to have spent time with her as a friend and colleague for the last 4+ years.

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