Mobile Marketing: Just Do It

GUEST-BLOG-ICONToday’s blog post is written by Natalie Sullivan, Assistant Marketing Manager, Content and Social Media, Patron Technology.

The other day, my husband downloaded an app called Checky. It measures how many times you check your phone in a given day. The results were shocking — but not surprising. He averaged about 90 checks per day over the last week with spikes well into the hundreds! This got me thinking about mobile marketing and how much potential there is to reach your patrons in a new and more effective way, particularly millennials.

This blog post from TechSoup and Philanthropy News Digest called, “Seize the Opportunity for Mobile Engagement in 2016,” delves into a few tactics that can help improve your patrons experience with your mobile communications. Research has shown that the use of smartphones has caused a decrease in the attention spans of people who use them on a consistent basis. And I can attest to the fact that my husband is a perfect example! Though he checked his phone 90 times, he probably spent less than a minute each time he scanned through his app notifications, emails, and social media accounts. Keeping this in mind, the article says:

Your mobile design and mobile user experience should be simple, direct, and quick. Fonts are larger and buttons are easier to click. Single column designs offer a simple browsing experience with clearer and fewer choices for the reader. After a click from an email or social media post, landing on a Web page should also be a mobile-friendly experience

Of course, optimizing your site content for mobile will require some reallocation of marketing resources, but considering the data above, it seems obvious to me that this is well worth your time and money. I hope you read the article and then take things one step at a time. Start with email templates, and then move on to landing pages, and eventually your website design as a whole. Your patrons are carrying (and consistently checking) your most effective marketing platform with them at all times — so utilize this to your advantage!

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