Managing Your Social Media

The good news (and the bad news) about social media is that you can track whatever you want. It drives me crazy when I ask marketers for basic information about the results of their social media efforts, and they simply don’t know.

There’s no excuse for that. If you’re reading this thinking that would be your answer, then I am happy to direct you to this exhaustive list of third-party (free and paid) social media tracking tools from the folks at Buffer. In addition to the third-party tools, it contains a second list of all of the analytics dashboards that are provided by the site developers themselves, such as those from Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-in.

Before you click on the link, reserve about 20 minutes and think hard about what really matters to your organization in terms of social media success. If you’re going to invest time, energy, and resources into social media, start by asking yourself what your ideal end result is. Then, poke around this list — I’m sure you’ll find a way to track it here.  

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