Making Conversation in Social Media Work

GUEST-BLOG-ICONToday’s blog post is written by Cameron Draper, Client Cultivation Specialist, Patron Technology.

One of the best ways to keep your organization top-of-mind for your followers is to post content that can start a conversation. As a theatre buff and millennial who is immersed in social media, this post draws upon my personal experience as both a follower and a “post publisher.”

When I was an intern at the All For One Theater company in New York City, one of my responsibilities was running their social media. I quickly learned that the posts that were interacted with the most were the ones written as questions. All For One specifically focuses on solo theatre, so I would pose questions such as “what historical figure do you think should have their own solo show?” This allowed followers to start a conversation by replying and interacting with others responses, which made them feel a connection and a sense of community with the organization and fellow Patrons. Here is an example of this at work.

Now all of this being said, just starting a conversation isn’t enough. Like any good conversation, you must also listen to what people might have to say and respond (ideally within minutes) to keep the conversation going. If someone tags you in a post or tweet saying that they recently attended one of your events, write back with gratitude for supporting your organization, or even better with a link to your next event.

I believe the whole point of social media is to make your audience feel a personal connection with you, so something as simple as responding to a tweet or Facebook comment will show that your organization is a living breathing entity that cares about its patrons and ticket-buyers on a personal level. Furthermore, this connection can lead to more future ticket purchases and donations!

The bottom line here is that interacting with followers is THE key to enhancing your organization’s social media presence. Start talking!


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