Make Influencers Part of Your Social Media Distribution

“Doing social media” isn’t simply about posting on Facebook anymore. It’s now both an art and a science with techniques that are mostly common sense, but often overlooked. Make no mistake, this stuff takes work, but if you want to shine forget about reinventing the wheel – it’s time to steal the best ideas out there.

In that vein, here’s a substantial article from Hubspot Blogs describing how to engage with and leverage those people in your social network who are “influencers,” which is just a fancy name for people who have the widest distribution. We really don’t know how much influence they have in actuality – but what we do know is that they reach a lot of people. And you can’t have influence without reach.

If you’re not convinced yet, start by reading this post from that claims 3% of online participants generate 90% of the impact. Are you in the 3%?

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