Learning From Event Planners

Back when I was running the American Symphony Orchestra, we (and a lot of our colleagues in New York) always talked about our concerts not just being concerts, but also being “events.” What we meant by that was that it needed to be an experience that people would remember — but most of the time we were thinking about what happened between the first downbeat and the last one.

However event planners (and in this case I mean people that produce large-scale events, like conferences) think about events in a different way. There is an entire toolkit of things that make events memorable that go beyond just the content being presented. This article from the Event Manager Blog talks about some of these new components including social media photo booths (such as The Bosco), coffee artists, and official photographers.

Read the article here and see what you think. Some of these may seem hokey to you but others might just add an extra level of pizzazz to your events that makes people want to come back.

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