June PatronManager Certified Admin of the Month

Our PatronManager Certified Admin of the Month for June is Francesca Gabourel, Marketing and Events Manager at ODC Dance in San Francisco, California.

We asked Francesca some questions about her journey and current role as a PatronManager Administrator at her organization. Here is what she shared with us:

1. What is your favorite PatronManager feature?

Now that PatronManager has moved to the Lightning experience (an updated user interface with new features and redesigned pages), my favorite feature would have to be the Favorites List. It helps to optimize our team’s workflow by giving staff members quick access to important patron records and frequently used web pages in PatronManager.

2. What is one feature of PatronManager you were not aware of until you became a Certified Admin?

Before becoming a Certified Admin, I didn’t fully understand custom Report Types (which allows us to configure which type of data can be queried on in a specific report). With a more in-depth understanding, I’ve been able to create my own custom reports allowing me to easily add or adjust fields as needed. For example, I recently added the custom field “capacity” to one of our ticketing reports so we can report on our percent to capacity.

3. What have you accomplished since becoming an Admin that you are most proud of? Are there any unique PatronManager customizations that you have created as an Admin that you would like to pass on?

One of the first things I learned as a Certified Admin was how to create custom fields. I added a new section to our ticketable events page to list production details such as capacity, performance duration, post-performance activities, and more. I also added a section to each event instance for our house manager reports. These customizations and more have allowed our organization to use PatronManager as a more robust database where we can house legacy information and anticipate needs for future events. They have also made the system easier to use, which has encouraged more individuals within our organization to interact with the database.

4. Has becoming a Certified Admin improved your ability to mentor and teach PatronManager to your colleagues?

Becoming a Certified Admin has allowed me to thoroughly onboard new users, troubleshoot issues, and articulate best practices for data collection and storage across my organization.

5. Which one of your organization’s events are you most excited about this year? (If you had to pick one…)

This July and August our company’s annual showcase, Summer Sampler, will take place over two weekends in our home theatre. The first week will be a collaboration between the ODC Dancers and the Kate Weare Company Dancers. I’m excited to see what happens when these dancers and choreographers come together.

6. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A hammock on a white sand beach with a good audiobook.

7. What is your favorite vacation spot?

The best vacation I ever had was two weeks in Belize. I got to hold a stingray!

8. What is your most treasured possession?

My glass kiln. I’m a glass artist and am currently working on a fused glass collection that I hope to begin selling this year. You can follow me on Instagram @gabourelglass!

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