How To Survey Your Audience

I’m a big proponent of learning as much about your audience (donors/subscribers/lapsed donors etc) as possible. And thanks to email and online survey tools such as surveymonkey there’s really no excuse not to do surveys.

Well maybe the only really valid excuse is “I don’t know how to construct a great survey.” That’s where this terrific article from Nonprofit Hub can help. They guide you step by step through the architecture of a great survey, and help you avoid some of the pitfalls we see all too often.

And, I’ll throw in my own opinion here. If you’re like me, if you get a survey from an organization you care about, you’ll probably be willing to do five-to seven question survey if it’s well designed and laid out. But I really hate these surveys (typically from airlines or hotels) that are pages and pages long with 25 different boxes to fill out. Who would do those other than people with too much time on their hands?

Keep your surveys short if you want the best response. And if you’ve got more information than can fit in one survey, chop it up into two, randomize your list and send half to one, and half to the other.

Happy surveying!

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