How the Cultural World Continues to
Adapt Phone Culture

Today’s guest blog post is written by Whitney Rutter, Senior Account Executive, Patron Technology.

Here at Patron Technology we advocate embracing new technology especially when it has the potential to benefit your organization either through generating attention or enhancing your visitor engagement. In this month’s Atlantic article entitled, “Please Turn On Your Phone in the Museum,” author Sophie Gilbert offers up a survey of museums efforts in adopting smart phone culture and technology. The institutions discussed share their objective of pushing their audience engagement a step forward… allowing the visitor to access, interact with, and mine their collections in ways that previous generations would have gawked at.

This article brings to light how new approaches utilizing smartphone platforms can foster an audience that might otherwise be distracted by the plethora of gaming and social media opportunities available outside the museum. The aim of these efforts is to both allow and even promote those habits by opening the door to the galleries.

As we here are focused on CRM technology, the idea of developing an understanding of your targeted audience speaks directly with what we’ve found to be the secret to impactful marketing and fundraising. Whereas we often talk about surveying and gathering demographic data points, a real-time interaction such as Pokemon Go, Instagram, 3D printing on demand, and Google 3D virtual reality museums provide a whole new level of “understanding your visitor” and present potentially powerful new platforms for maintaining and cultivating your patrons.

Though these platforms may at this stage sound more playful than serious, over time they very well may become the dominant ways we provide content and engage with visitors.

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