How Fundraising for Major Donors
is Like a Start-up

Given that startups are the “it” thing today, there are a lot of people writing about what it takes to get a start-up going. The following article has significance for fundraisers since it points out how closely fundraising tracks with starting a new business. The article, “Five Ways to Get Your First Customer” from Entrepreneur Magazine, might as well have been titled “Five Ways to Get Your First Major Donor.” If you take a look at the strategy laid out here I think you’ll see how this could give you a roadmap towards landing your first major donor.

And, if you haven’t yet watched my recent PatronTalk webcast “Three Myths of Major Gifts” with Brad Hayes, read the above article first, and then watch my conversation here.

With these concepts well in hand you’ll see that soliciting major donors isn’t nearly as scary as it may seem.

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