Give Your Organization an Instamakeover

I have written quite a few posts on this blog about really doubling down and using your social media accounts in the most effective ways to acquire followers, build your brand, and increase positive interface with your patrons (and potential patrons). One major social media account that I have not yet touched on, but I believe is extremely important is Instagram. Instagram is often overlooked because people see it as a “photography app” used by millennials to share selfies. I want to assure you it is so much more than that!

Instagram is a magical place where you can give your organization a face and a personality. Your patrons could go see shows/performances anywhere, so why do they subscribe and donate to your organization? Of course, much of this has to do with your season selections, and the quality of the performances.

That said, they are also there and active in your community because they believe in YOU. Your Patrons crave this behind the scenes look into an organization — the kinds of behind the scene look that Instagram is perfect for! You can share pictures of your cast goofing off at a rehearsal or getting ready putting on makeup. You can share renderings of future architectural updates to your venue to get patrons excited about donating. You can post pictures of staff members (such as yourself) taking a coffee break working from your office. I think you get the picture (no pun intended).

To me, Instagram feels more intimate – you can really peel back the layers and expose integral parts of your organization that many patrons don’t see. This article from Care 2 has some great tips on how to use Instagram effectively. I urge you to read the full article, start taking selfies, use hashtags, create call to actions, and re-launch your Instagram account, giving your organization an instant makeover or shall I say an Instamakeover.

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