Getting Volunteers to Come Back

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We’ve all had the experience of working with volunteers. And when it works well, it’s really great. You get terrific, motivated people who help you immeasurably.

So how do you keep these volunteers from coming back? You’d think they would come back because they continue to believe in your mission — but you would be wrong. According to a recent study, conducted by volunteer management technology research firm Software Advice, outlined in the blog post What Motivates People to Become Repeat Volunteers? the most important criteria for repeat participate is … convenience! People want a quick and easy way to sign up and schedule their volunteer service.

That’s where a great CRM system that can also manage your volunteers can pay dividends. If you give these volunteers a way to manage schedule their time with you quickly and easily, you are building a relationship. And from that starting point of engagement, it makes it much easier for you to turn that volunteer into a ticket buyer, subscriber or donor. I think you’ll find this report compelling.

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