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Apple may have recently released a built-in panorama mode into the new iPhone’s camera, but believe it or not, Microsoft has already one-upped them on creating amazing panoramic photos.

With Photosynth, Microsoft has created one of the best and easiest-to-use free iPhone camera apps available. As described on the Photosynth website, the application allows you to “capture and view the world in 3D.” The 3D is the real key difference here, because instead of your panoramas feeling like “flat” stitched together pictures, each photosynth panorama allows you to pan around by dragging your finger or mouse cursor to experience the visuals in the very same way it was captured.

When you open up the app, you simply hold your device up to capture the world around you in 360°. As you begin to circle around, the app intelligently signals to you when a photo has been captured successfully via a green outline frame, so you can continue capturing. After you’re done spinning around and capturing the environment that surrounds you, Photosynth stitches together all the pictures seamlessly. You can then share on Twitter and Facebook or have the panorama backed up for free to If you choose to upload to, you can experience the picture in an even more immersive way on your computer monitor. Photosynth is free and available on both iPhone and Windows Phone.

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