Even First Timers Want Information

There’s something profound about the results of research sponsored by TDF and Theatre Bay Area. This article is well worth a deep read.

Many of us believe that only our most devoted ticket buyers and subscribers are interested in learning more about the play, the playwright, and/or discussing what they have just seen. But it seems to be more universal than that. People in general want to know more.

The trick is how to engage them. The playbills are seen as advertising heavy, the pre-event website isn’t looked at enough, and the post-show “talk-back” arrangement is too formal. There’s lots of talk now about downloadable apps — but if you offer them will people actually download and look at the content you put up?

This study fascinates me because it shows that people really do yearn for an experience that makes them think. How we satisfy that itch is the tricky part.

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