Facebook Advertising - A Crash Course

For a while I’ve been commenting on how Facebook has transformed itself into a marketing juggernaut. It can be confusing and intimidating to understand all of the new marketing capabilities on this platform. That said, it is imperative that you make sure you (or someone on your staff) becomes an expert in how to place ads on Facebook.

To help, I am pleased to share an incredibly detailed and thoughtful article from AdEspresso entitled: The Complete Resource to Understanding Facebook Ads Cost.

Don’t underestimate this article — when it says “complete” it means it! If you take the time to read this you’ll see that Facebook has borrowed and expanded on the ad bidding process that was initially pioneered by Google and other major players in the space. Only Facebook has taken this to a much deeper level.

I won’t say more than this: If you didn’t know anything about advertising on Facebook – this article is a crash-course and it behooves you to read it carefully. I predict your jaw will drop several times – but once you’re through it, I’m pretty sure you’ll know enough to start placing ads on Facebook with confidence.

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