Exchange Your Ticket Exchange Policy For a Better One

Did you know you can now exchange your Disney Broadway show tickets? Broadway Producer Ken Davenport writes what I’m thinking: This is a good idea. And Disney got there first — of course. Why do we say “no refunds, no exchanges”? And if we allow exchanges, why do we do it only for subscribers? Yes, it’s a wonderful subscriber benefit, but how many more single-ticket buyers could you attract if you offered exchanges during the year, to all ticket buyers?

I wish there were some research out there that shows what would happen, but speaking personally, I’d buy more tickets, more quickly, if I knew that I could swap them out for another show if my plans changed. There are plenty of theaters where I’m simply not going to become a subscriber — and the commitment of buying a single ticket that I can’t exchange three weeks out is simply too great. So what do I do? I wait, and then I don’t buy. I’m a marketing research study of one. Have you talked to your ticket buyers about this? Shouldn’t you?

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