Empathy at the Box Office

I was moved by Seth Godin’s recent post, entitled Taking It Personally, in which he tells a story about an encounter he had at a bookstore. When you read the post, you’ll see that there is a direct relevance to the box office experience. Do you train those on your box office staff to just be “clerks” who simply take orders, or do you ask them to engage with the customer (time permitting) to make the ticket-buying experience personal? I’m talking here, of course, about an interaction on the phone or in person, where the staff member working at the box office goes one step further. Maybe they recognize the customer for coming back and ask if they liked their seats last time.

You’d be amazed what you’ll learn when you start talking to the customer, rather than just taking their order. This is the essence of Seth’s post, and something worth continually remembering.

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One response to “Empathy at the Box Office

  1. I’ve always told my call center agents that its not just about quoting a seat its about explaining why that is the right seat for the patron, explaining where they are located and how viewing and hearing the show will be from that location.

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