Email Marketing Keeps on Dominating

With a headline like “365 Million Reasons Why Email Is A Solid Investment” you have to stop in your tracks and pay attention. This article isn’t written for arts marketers but the message is clearly laid out in the first paragraph. It refers to how much new investment is pouring in to companies associated with email marketing:

Funding events over the last five quarters have shown investors to be bullish on companies engaged in email. From analytics to infrastructure, advertising to services, and everything in between, the email ecosphere has been infused with $364.5 million in funding. The recent growth of these freshly funded companies underscores how important solid, reliable, and measurable email is to startups and enterprises.

I’ve been writing about the power of email marketing now for 14 years, from when we first launched PatronMail in the arts, and this article perfectly sums the state of the industry today, over a decade later:

Email’s ROI has been measured and unmatched for a number of years and will maintain its importance as a leading communication tool with continued investments, growth, expansion and evolution. Don’t count email out – it’s here to stay.

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