Yet Again, E-mail Wins

Regular readers of this blog know that I make it a practice to cite “B2C” (business to consumer) research from the small/ medium-sized business industry as a proxy for what makes sense for arts marketers. After all, even the biggest arts organizations are by comparison a medium-sized businesses.That’s why today’s research article from eMarketer deserves your attention. One of our competitors in the email world, Constant Contact, has just released a study showing (yet again) that e-mail is the most effective marketing technique out there.

Quoting from the article:

The research found that email, website and in-person interactions were considered the most effective marketing techniques by small businesses.
Where I get frustrated is that when I give seminars or attend arts conferences, the subject of how to optimize e-mail marketing is considered yesterday’s news, crowded out by an intense interest in social media. I’m all for social media; it can surely help you build audiences for the future by targeting a younger demographic. But it makes no sense that we give short shrift to e-mail marketing– especially when the rest of the business market continues to recognize its importance.

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