Donor Segmentation 101

One of the things a CRM system does for development directors is give them them the ability to segment their donors in a variety of ways, faster and easier than ever before. Sometimes we forget about all of the different segments that are available for us to utilize and only think about the obvious one: how much did they give last year. Here is a great article from Hubspot Blogs that will jog your memory and give you a lot to think about regarding segmentation strategies. If you’re already segmenting your donors, this is a great checklist and/or way to benchmark what you’re doing.

The bottom line is that this is all about personalization. How well does your donor think you know them? Donors give to organizations that they feel some kind of connection to – the emphasis here is on the word “feel.” If you want to increase the way people feel about your organization, start thinking about how you can make them feel like you really know them. As you’ll read here, segmentation is crucial.

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