Crowdfunding Hits the Mainstream

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Now that crowdfunding is a word everyone knows, many arts organizations are considering doing it. And just like most things that seem like a “shiny new object,” the hype around certain amazing success stories is now blotting out the realities of what’s actually involved. Guess what? A Kickstarter or Indiegogo fundraising campaign is still a campaign and goodness knows we know how to run campaigns. They take planning, resources, time, and attention. And sometimes they work and sometimes not. Quoting from this excellent article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review:

Crowdfunding isn’t a quick fix for the social sector’s funding issues, but it is an increasingly critical component of the fundraising toolkit; allowing nonprofits to connect with and solicit support more efficiently than ever before.

If your organization is thinking about a crowd-funded campaign then this contains an indispensable checklist.

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