Consumers Favor E-mail Marketing for Mobile Devices

Some years ago text messaging (SMS) seemed like it might be the next technology to supplant e-mail marketing as the preferred way consumers hear from companies.

I never thought so, but we tested some text messaging services with our clients, which really never caught on. And now there’s the debate about downloadable apps — which I also think are simply an impediment rather than a benefit. (It seems like the tech world is congregating around HTML5 as the standard for mobile, removing the need for a specific app to be installed.)

Well, today’s research from Forrester Consulting provides some validation of all of this: that overwhelmingly consumers favor e-mail marketing efforts on their mobile devices vs. text messages or downloadable apps with promotional content.

Here’s a wonderful info-graphic that tells this story better in visual form than I can do in words:

Consumers Favor E-mail Marketing

Click on the picture to take you to the source article for the graphic.

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  1. This begs the question, “should one’s email design be optimized for mobile devices the way that websites are?” This is going to be more and more important as smart phone usage increases exponentially over the next couple of years.

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