Can You Actually Learn Something from Taylor Swift?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Taylor Swift is perhaps the most sophisticated marketer in the the music industry today. Notice I didn’t say she’s the best artist, since that’s not relevant to this discussion.

What is relevant is that apparently to build her community, she personalizes her involvement in a completely authentic way. She writes personal messages, sends gift baskets, and posts videos that are homegrown and not “pre-packaged” by a marketing agency. It seems that as our digital technology gets more sophisticated, doing things that are personal and direct carries more weight.

Take a look at this blog post for a detailed description of how she does what she does, within a post written by a theatre artist named Cortney McEniry. As a founding member of Front Porch Arts Collective, a multi-disciplinary arts company based in Greenville, South Carolina, Cortney is committed to bringing together artists and communities to develop new work about the Southeast.

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