Calming the Fear of Data Migration

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One of the scariest things about considering a change in box office ticketing or fundraising systems is the data migration process. Just like moving from one house to another, packing up your old stuff and moving it to a new place is a daunting task. Deciding what you want to toss and what you want to bring with you is a big part of it. However, data is a bit more complicated than your personal possessions.

This article from NTEN is the very best thing I’ve ever read about data migration. With articulate and experienced commentary, it perfectly hits the nail on the head with regard to what you need to consider. Our Patron Technology data team has moved hundreds of millions of data records over the past few years and we have encountered every one of the things that are outlined in this article. The one sentence that particularly jumped out for me was this one:

As your data expert prepares your data map from old to new, he or she will identify limitations of the old CRM database … which also validates your decision to migrate. Remember: your new CRM is your future. It is more important that the new database meets your future fundraising needs than supports 100% of your legacy data.

Take a spin through, and you’ll feel a lot more prepared to talk about data migration.

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