Building Relationships With Donors

Isn’t the essence of every relationship, communication? If there is an open dialogue between two people, it signals an investment in the relationship and the hope for constant improvement.

In this blog post titled The Trouble with your Entitled Donors by Mary Cahalane, she argues a point that I think too many overlook. If you’re asking your donors how and when they would like to be communicated with, and they go to the trouble of telling you, that’s a signal that this donor is engaged. Thus, asking your donors how and when they would like to be contacted by you, and even how often they would like to be asked for support, is not only a good idea, it can help you identify which donors are most likely to give.

As a fundraising strategy, continually asking your donors for feedback and then using that feedback to more accurately target them will only increase your odds of success. Mary’s article, which I hope you’ll read in full, has plenty of examples that prove this point.

CRM is “customer relationship management” and it’s the managing part that we all too often leave on auto-pilot. With donors, that’s never a good idea.

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