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I’ve been reluctant to weigh in on the presidential campaign this time around because so many rules are being broken, and it’s hard to know what lessons there are for marketers.

There is one thing however, that screams out – and that is when you observe the Bernie Sanders campaign, you cannot help but notice how “on message” everything is. The New York Times noted this in a recent article talking about Sanders diligence, which amounts to a risky but effective strategy.

So what does that have to do with your organization? Well, many organizations are pretty good at making sure their staff is aware of and reinforces their mission. After all it’s the mission that drives many to work at the non-profit in the first place.

Past that, however, are the nitty gritty details of your communication strategy. What are your brand guidelines? What is your tone? Do you have specific words you use (or don’t use) to describe what you do?

This article from the MoFlow blog from Canada is a good resource to check against. It includes a valuable section entitled “Six elements to include in a basic messaging guide for your nonprofit organization” which can get you started down the consistency path quickly and easily.

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