August PatronManager Certified Admin of the Month

Our PatronManager Certified Admin of the Month for August is Mike Watson, Operations Manager at Everyman Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland. 

We asked Mike some questions about his journey and current role as a PatronManager Administrator at his organization. Here is what he shared with us:

1. What is your favorite PatronManager feature?

My favorite PatronManager feature would have to be Dashboards! They are fun to build.

2. What is one feature of PatronManager you were not aware of until you became a Certified Admin?

I was aware of but never fully understood Cross Filters (which help create complex reports and fine-tune your results). The Admin Certification course opened my eyes to what was possible and really put Custom Reports in perspective.

3. Has becoming a Certified Admin improved your ability to mentor and teach PatronManager to your colleagues?

Yes, I have been able to grow our internal education trainings and I’m especially proud to boast that we currently have three Certified Admins on staff and two more that have taken the course but have not gone for the Certification yet.

4. What have you accomplished since becoming an Admin that you are most proud of? Are there any unique PatronManager customizations that you have created as an Admin that you would like to pass on?

We have re-structured our Donation Record Types to streamline donations for our Development Department. This included some custom fields to add in tracking. We have also started using Campaigns for more than just our email marketing efforts.

5. Which one of your organization’s events are you most excited about this year? (If you had to pick one…)

It is difficult to choose just one… but I’m very excited about next season’s production of Murder on the Orient Express. What is not to love about Ken Ludwig’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s spectacular who-done-it?

6. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

To laugh and make others chuckle.

7. What is your favorite vacation spot?

My couch — I hear the scenery is wonderful this time of year! 🙂

8. What additional resources have you discovered since becoming Certified that have benefited your organization?

Trailhead (Salesforce’s training tool)! Going through the various modules in Trailhead has given me a lot of insight into the platform and how it is architectured. This has helped deepen my understanding of customization in PatronManager, especially regarding complex workflows and new Custom Objects (sections within Salesforce that allow you to store and view specific data).

Another resource that I have found to be particularly helpful is Salesforce’s “Power of Us Hub.” Similar to the PatronManager Community but with the Salesforce non-profit user community-at-large, it is a great place to find answers to questions on backend things.

9. What is your most treasured possession?

My friends and loved ones… and my PatronManager “Certified Admin Magic Wand.”

10. Are there any current or upcoming technology trends that you’re excited about? If so, what?

I am truly excited by all the new ways that technology can be integrated into our day to day work, especially things that can help ease staff workloads.

11. Which words or phrases do you most overuse or are known for saying?

“I am speaking in draft!” and “Let’s put a pin in that.”

12. Is there anyone from the Client Community, Client Support Team, or Education Team that has helped you and your organization improve during your journey to becoming a Certified Admin? 

Claire Randall (PatronManager’s Education Manager who passed away in 2016) was a tremendous help and support during my journey in becoming certified! Her energy and spirit is missed but holds a deep place in my heart. In addition, everyone who I have come in contact with at PatronManager has had an impact on my education (I didn’t want to list names in case I missed someone) and the growth of Everyman in its use of the system.

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