Attention Advantage: Facebook’s Dominance

If you’re struggling with how to leverage social media to reach an audience over 35, there’s really only one place online that matters — Facebook. While there’s a stigma that older people don’t use social media and/or younger people are abandoning it. It turns out that neither of these statements are true, according to this article from the Huffington Post entitled, “Facebook Really Does Rule The Internet, And These Charts Prove It”:

New figures from comScore, a web analytics company, reveal that Facebook is annihilating the competition when it comes to how much time people spend on social networks.

Sometimes pictures say more than words, so I hope you’ll take the following graphic to heart:

Gene Image

The next time you’re in a marketing meeting laboring over a decision about which of the many social media sites to look into (snapchat, tumblr, pinterest etc), refer to this graphic and you’ll have an easy decision.

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