Anxious About Doing Video For The First Time? Here's 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Recently, YouTube marked their 10-year anniversary in operation, and many bloggers wrote about the profound changes it has had on the internet and on the broader entertainment world.

One change, that should matter to you, is that marketers everywhere realize adding video as a component of their marketing program is no longer “cool.” It’s simply now a requirement. Many have found out the hard way that while we may be able to write, and/or create reasonably good static images, most of us are not trained to make videos.

Creating truly compelling videos is hard and often requires trained help. This article in Nonprofit Quarterly describes 10 of the most obvious mistakes that nonprofit organizations make when they are beginning to use video. If you are anxious about creating a video for your organization, this is a great place to start. It won’t make your video project any easier, but I’ll bet your results are going to be better.

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