A Love Letter for CRM

When we launched PatronManager in 2010, our guiding principle was that “a single database for marketing and fundraising is the only way to ensure you meet your overall organizational goals.” You must have one version of the truth.

Our colleagues at TRG offer the following post titled “Marketing is From Mars, Development is From Venus,” which outlines six ways to get both departments working toward the organization’s overall loyalty and revenue needs.

Needless to say it starts by stating: “One of the most valuable tools in an arts manager’s toolkit is a centralized, shared database system. Many arts organizations work in multiple systems. This practice, while providing the individual functionality that each department may need, can stunt collaborative efforts to grow patron relationships.”

It then goes on to offer specific things you can do to help make this possible. If you’re like most organizations and thinking about next season, this is a “must read!”

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